Website Design

In this day and time, if you have a Church, Business, Band or Charity, it is almost impossible to get your name out to the masses without having an on-line presents. I have been designing websites for over 17 years now. This was back in the day where the average price was $1,000 per page and you had to rely on your webmaster to make any corrections. This was before smart phones, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube even existed.

Those days are long gone and webmasters are all but extinct now. I use only one platform or CMS (Content Management System) for my websites. It’s called WordPress. WordPress powers 28% of the internet. Simply put, every forth website you look at, is using the WordPress Platform. There is a reason for this. They are the best of the best and their system is free!

There are basically three things you want from your platform. You want it to be responsive, search engine friendly and interactive. When your website is responsive, it means that regardless if someone is viewing it on their smart phone, computer or their tablet, it looks great as well as allows for interaction between your viewers and your message. The picture above shows what a “Responsive” website will look like.

Being search engine friendly is critical when someone searches for what your website has to deliver. Our process is simple. Once you contact me we will go over your vision and set your website up to accomplish this. From custom contact forms to installing media players for audio and video, we do it all. Once we set it up, we will then instruct you on how you yourself, will become your own webmaster. If you can use Facebook YouTube or Twitter, you can use WordPress!


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