Studio Recording

I built my Home Studio in Montross Virginia, 10.2 miles away from any major highway, right in the middle of a Bird Sanctuary for a reason. I wanted to be in a quite environment. I designed this studio for three types of recording using the advice from some of the smartest people that have made audio acoustics, their life long occupation, as well as Audio Engineers that belong to the Audio Engineering Society and Professional Recording Studio Owners. It was not designed by opinion, rather by scientific research, backed by scientific facts.

The three types of recording are Speech, Vocals and Instrumental. The speech design is for recording Professional Narration/Voice Actors and Podcasters. The vocals are designed for recording solos to a 12 member choir. The instrumental is designed to record Flutist, Guitarist, Cellist, Violinist, or any type of acoustical instrument that produces sound.

I offer free recording, mixing and mastering services to anyone in the Commonwealth of Virginia, who is a Student regardless of their school grade. I offer free services to any Christian Pastor or Christian Singer/Choir as well. These services will be done after any paid services are provided for by any other Artist, that does not meet the above requirements. I also provide services free of charge to any Law Enforcement Agency when needed. They take priority over all others. God Bless.