D & L Recording Studio LLC has over 40 years experience working with audio files. We know that there are many website that offer cheap prices for mixing and mastering services. There are also many websites that offer cheap prices for converting cassettes and records to a digital format. We are simply not that type of company! We take great care to make your audio sound the best it possibly can using the same skills we use if you were recording in a professional studio.

Anyone can plug a tape recorder into a computer and do the conversion, but not everyone can do this and achieve the results we do. You must also realize that there are times when the tape or record has become so deteriorated that the desired results simply can not be achieved. However, we will make every attempt to make it as good as we can, using our decades of experience.

On Site Recording

$500.00 to $800.00 per day depending on the event as well as audio gear requirements.

Mixing & Mastering

$75.00 per hour.

Cassette or Record Conversion to Digital

$75.00 per song. We can deliver the converted audio in an wav, mp3, aac or flac format.


Please select your required service and follow the directions below.