Warsaw United Methodist Church Christmas Eve Service

We were invited to the Christmas Eve Service at the Warsaw United Methodist Church. The service was held at 11PM. Not only were we blessed Christmas eve, but we also did a little recording as well. I hope you enjoy the service as much as we did. You can see the service by by playing the video below to play/download the audio at the bottom of this post.

Warsaw United Methodist Church believes that the undeserved, unmerited, and loving action of God in human existence, through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, pervades our understanding of the Christian life and faith. We seek to create a link between what we believe and how we live as Christians by living out all our actions in Christian love and in grace, throughout our lives.

For more detailed explanation of our beliefs at United Methodists, please join us every Sunday at 8:45am or 11:00am or see our denominational book entitled The Book of Discipline. Worship Services are held each Sunday at 8:45 am and 11:00 am. We celebrate Communion weekly at 8:45, and the first Sunday of each month at 11:00.

Excerpts from “A History of Warsaw United Methodist Church, Warsaw, Virginia 1837-1994”, researched and printed by the History Committee. Many thanks to Mrs. Constance Gallagher for sharing this document and the rich history with us.

During 1968 the Methodist and the United Brethren denominations were united and it was at that time the name of our church was changed to Warsaw United Methodist Church. In 1979 construction was begun on the education building including fellowship hall, kitchen and classrooms. Contributions in the form of memorials were made for the fellowship hall and classrooms.

Work on the steeple was begun in the spring of 1981 and completed that fall. In may of 1986, through the generosity of William B. Clopton, the balance of the debt on the steeple and education building was paid in full. Mr. Clopton also established the William B. Clopton Fund in May, 1991 with the understanding that only the interest and never the principal of the fund can be used.