Church Ministries

In 2017 more and more Churches are spreading their message worldwide. It is so easy to place your Churches message online with very little expense. If you have a Christian Church and would like to have an on-line presents, please contact us and we will sit down and go over your website/recording needs to fit both your message as well as the equipment you will need to do this.

After a decision is made and you are ready to proceed, then we will walk you through the process of how to implement your project into reality to meet the AES Recommended Standards for streaming audio, free of charge. Your only cost will be the equipment you will need for the recording side as well as a paid hosting plan for your website. Most hosting plans start around $100.00 for the first year and will need to be renewed each year after. The price increase will depend on your host. Recording equipment has evolved to the point that now anyone can record on a professional level. There are basically three things you need to consider.

1. The type of mics, soundboard, amplifiers and speakers you will need to fit your space as well as if your music is played live or is coming from a CD.

2. What platforms you want to distribute your audio on. YouTube is great for Church audio, as it is free. People all over the world can listen to your services, as well as your members who may have missed one due to illness or being out of town.

3. The recording device as well as the software, to mix and master your audio.