D & L Recording Studio LLC, is located just outside of a small rural town called Montross, which is located in “Northern Neck” Virginia. The historic Town of Montross has recently gone through a revitalization program turning the town into a destination for art and antiquing and the dining and lodging hub for all of the great tours, wineries, historical sites and trails throughout the Northern Neck of Virginia.

D & L Recording Studio LLC, has the experience and equipment to work in a variety of musical/vocal genres. Clients can rely on us as we have the extensive knowledge in working with the technology that works best for each recording project. We take the time to communicate with you about your project before work begins. We offer the services, experience, and up to date equipment to help you meet your goals.

The three types of recording, mixing and mastering services we provide are Speech, Vocals and Instrumental. Our mastering room has been built to allow us to balance your audio to the specifications you are trying to achieve as well as the sound you want to represent your talent. We believe that our location as well as our mixing and mastering studio design, is what sets us apart of other studios that offer the same services. Regardless if you are in the Northern Neck area or 2,000 miles away, we are confident that you will be pleased with our dedicated service.

No walk ins are allowed.